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Top 10 facts about English series Game Of Thrones

To 10 facts about English series Game Of Thrones

Name Of The Thrones

Since the show started in 2011, at least 146 American baby girls have been named Khaleesi', after Game of Thrones' Daenery Targaryen. Arya was also the fastest growing baby name in 2012, rising in rank from 711th to 413th. Other names that have been inspired by show include Sansa, Theon, Tyrion, and Sandor. And this trend had even spilled over into the world of an animal. In 2013 marine biologists discovered a new species of sea slug off the coast of Brazil. The slug had a pale, white, twisted body, reminiscent of Daenerys' blond braids. It was therefore given the name Tritonia Khaleesi.


The Explicit sexual content in Game of thrones is a staple part of the show. So much so that it warranted the invention of a new dramatic technique 'sexposition'. Critic Myles McNutt coined the term in 2011 to describe the numerous scenes in the show in which major plot points are exposed by characters talking during sex. Furthermore, many of the Game of Thrones actors have a history in the adult film industry particularly the extras who play prostitutes. Most notable is Sibel Kekilli, who played Tyrion's mistress, shae.


Creating Westers

The production of Game of Thrones spans numerous countries.Filming location range from Croatia and Morocco to Iceland and Northern Ireland. Many of the places featured in the show have become popular tourist destinations and it's estimated that filming in Northern Ireland has brought more than $100 million to their economy. The ancient Moroccan city of Ouarzazate is also said to have seen a 100% increase in visitors thanks to the show.

Dire Wolves Are Real

Dire Wolves, the trusty pets of the Stark children, are actually based on an ancient species of real life wolf.Canis Dirus, which lived approximately 15,000 years ago, is thought to have been 30% bigger than the modern brown wolf. Game of Thrones used Northern Inuit Dogs to recreate the beasts, digitally enlarging them in post production. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, adopted her dog Zunni from the show. The American Alsatian Breeder's Association is currently conducting the Dire Wolf project, breeding large, wolf-like Alsatians that look like the canines in the show and can be bought for $3,000 each.

You Win or You Die

Game of Thrones is famous for its brutality. There are an average of 4.5 murders per episode and, in the first four seasons of the show, 133 named characters were killed off. The deadliest episode is, 'Blackwater', which saw thousands of casualties on both sides of the battle between the Lannister army and Stannis Baratheon's novel fleet. However, the most notoriously brutal scene came in 'The Rains Of Castamere' a.k.a the Red Wedding, in which 7 named characters were shockingly killed off. Creator George R. R. Martin had hoped to be an extra in the episode. He wanted to appear as a casualty but, unfortunately, his busy schedule prevented him from doing so.

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Most pirated Show

In 2015 Bit Torren announced that Game Of Thrones was their most downloaded show for four years running. At 14.4 million times, it was pirated more than the Walking dead and the Big Banf Theory combined. HBO chief Richard Plepler didn't seem too disheartened by this announcement, though asserting that pirating is 'a terrific marketing vehicle for next generation of viewers' as it exposes the show to more people. And Game Of Thrones still performs well on legal channels, with its fifth season finale drawing an audience of 8.11 million viewers.

Lessons From History

George R. R. Martin took inspiration for numerous plot points from history. The ongoing story arc of the War Of Five Kings is based on the 15th Century War of the Roses when different royal houses competed for the English throne. The author has also specified historical events that influenced his writing of the infamous Red Wedding scene. For example, the Black Dinner of 1440 which saw the Scottish Earl of Douglas and his young brother lured to a feast Where they were brutally murdered.

Masters Of  Coin

Game of Thrones is currently one of the most expensive shows on TV costing an average of $6 million to make each episode or $60 million per series. In comparison, The Walking Dead costs approximately $2.75 million per episode. The most expensive episode of Game The Thrones was the season 2 episode 'Blackwater', which cost a whopping $8 million. The budget was so awesome because the episode needed more than 300 fight trained extras, a ground of full-size battleship, and ambitious graphic effects. 

The Dothraki Language

The language used by the Dothraki Warriors has actually been created. Working from the 30 Dothraki words used in George R. R. Martin's books. Linguist David Peterson invented a language of 3,163 words, especially for the TV show. Although only a small fraction of those words have been used in the show producers thought the language would appear more realistic if it was thoroughly fleshed out. Peterson's dictionary of Dothraki included pronunciations and rules for grammar and syntax.

Huge Stars

Among the big stars who have joined the Game Of Thrones cast is Neil Fingleton, the tallest man in Britain. At 233cm, or 7 foot 7 inches tall, Fingleton was ideal to play a giant at the head of the welding army. Similarly, the role of Gregor 'The Mountain' Clegane was played by Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, who is 2 meters tall, weight 190kg and is a top competitor in the World's Strongest man contest. Researchers from Time Magazine estimated that it is possible that like The Mountain. Bjornsson would be able to exert the 235kg of pressure necessary to crush a human skull with his bare hands.

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