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10 typical Lies You Were Told About Islam

10 typical Lies You Were Told About Islam

Muslims Hate The West

Online news publication 'Now The End Begins', which has over 150,000 followers, stated that 'All Muslims children are taught to hate the west'. However, an extensive survey conducted by the institute of social policy and understanding contradicts this theory. The study involved asking 50,000 Muslims across 35 countries. 'What do you admire most about the west?' Research found that this idea of widespread negative opinion toward the western world is completely false, and only 2% of Muslims in Iran and 6% in Saudi Arabia said they admired nothing. 

Terrorist Training Camps

Martin Mawyer, founder of the anti-Islam 'Christain action network', claimed that secret camps exist across America, training Muslims for terrorist activity. In his book 'Twilight in America,' he describes the town of Islamberg in New York that supposedly holds bunkers, automatic weapons, and an airfield where Muslims can receive training. Islamberg is in fact just a tranquil town of 40 families, founded in the 1980s by African-American Muslims escaping racism from New York city. Mawyer's claims were quashed by the New York state police, who explained that 'the state police were invited to their lands. I don't know any other place where, if something nefarious was occurring, they would willingly invite law enforcement officers to come and have lunch'. 

No, Go Zones

In January 2015 KT Mcfarland, the national security analyst for Fox News, exposed the existence of 750 no goes zones across France. She revealed that the areas prohibit non-Muslims from entering, and operate under strict sharia law, where Ambulances have access only by the police escort. Mcfarland's statements were found to be pure speculation, as these supposed 'No-Go Zone' areas were simply towns that French authorities prioritized for urban renewal and state aid. Subsequently, the Paris city council approved a lawsuit to sue Fox News for reporting 'such nonsense'.

Islamic Terrorist World Domination

During his presidential campaign, Jeb Bush stated 'the biggest threat today is Islamic Terrorism'. However, research conducted by the University of north Carolina found that out of the 190,000 Americans murdered since 9/11, only 37 deaths were linked to Islamic extremists. Moreover, Europol found that Islamists were responsible for just 0.7% of terror attacks in Europe between 2006 and 2013.

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Celebrating 9/11

In 2015, as part of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump made a speech claiming that he saw a TV footage of thousands and thousands of Muslims in new Jersey cheering as the world trade center was attacked. The controversial accusation prompted a media investigation into the matter, which found no video evidence. Jerry Speziale, the Police officer of New Jersey, which has the second-largest Muslim community in the US, said.'There were no flags burning, no one was dancing, that is totally false'.

ISIS Represents Islam

Father Douglas Al Bazi, a Catholic Parish priest in Erbil, Iraq stated that 'anyone who still thinks ISIS doesn't represent Islam, known they are wrong. ISIS Represent Islam one hundred percent'. Actuality, ISIS is not just non-Muslim, it is Anti-Muslim, and in the first 7 months f 2015, ISIS was answerable for the deaths of over 8000 Muslims people in Iraq.The terror organization has also claimed responsibility for repeatedly bombing Mosques across the middle east. 

Muslims Support Violence

The center for security policy, a US think Tank known for engaging in conspiracy theories, claimed that 25% of Muslims Americans supports Violence against other Americans. Donald Trump subsequently used this statistic during his presidential campaign. Closer in the investigation found that the center is run by Frank Gaffney, and identified anti-Muslims and that a mere 600 people were interviewed during research extensive research conducted by the pew research center identify 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, of which only 0.006625% identify with extremism. 

Only Muslims in Birmingham

In 2015 Fox News brought American journalist and supposed Islamic extremism expert, Steven Emerson, on the show. Emerson proceeds to claim that the city of Birmingham is totally Muslim, and non-Muslims are not allowed to go there. Emerson's statement has been disproven by the UK national office of statistics, which states that only 14.5% of Birmingham residents are Muslim. In response to the vastly incorrect claims, prime minister David Cameron said 'frankly, I choked on my porridge and thought it must be April fool's day. This guy's clearly a complete idiot'. 

Muslims Women Are Oppressed

The fascist political group stated that ’Women are oppressed by Islam. Muslim women are expected to cover their whole bodies with the black Niqab or black Burqa'. Moreover, the claim that Islam oppresses women is a sweeping generalization. In many cases,  Muslim women are often highly educated, such as in Iran, where more women attend higher education than men. 

Muslims Must Kill People Of Other Religions

2016 democratic presidential candidate Ben Carson took to facebook to voice his viewpoint that he is not supporting a Muslim president.He slandered Islam further writing: 'Under Sharia law, women must be subservient. The Quran specifically says the opposite, stating 'One who kill a non-Muslim person under protection will not even smell the fragrance of Paradise', and whoever hurts a non-Muslim, I shall adversary to him on the day of Resurrection'.

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  1. Nyc. They say stupid things about islam and dont know anything about muslims or islam.

    Thank you for posting such an article.

  2. Interesting read. I can't say I believed any of these myths already but I know that many in our society do. I hope that they read this article :)

    1. yup thanks for feedback :)

    2. Cassie . May God Bless our society and Also Bless Us


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