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10 wonderful Animal Sports in the world

Turkey Bowling

Turkey Bowling

Turkey Bowling is a sport which is based on ordinary Bowling. A frozenTurkey serves as a Bowling ball and 10 plastic bottles of soft drinks or water are the Bowling pins. It is commonly associated with thanksgiving and is popular in minor league ice Hockey in the united states and Canada.

10 Bizarre Animal Sports in the world

World Snail Racing Championships

Snail racing involves racing two or more land snails, typically on a circular track a radius of 13-14 inches. Racing numbers are either painted on their shells or small stickers are attached them to distinguish each competitor. Many Snail Racing events take place worldwide each year, but the annual world Snail racing championship in the U.K. is the most popular.

10 Bizarre Animal Sports in the world dog fighting

Dog Fighting

Dog fighting is a  sport in which train Dogs are made to fight, sometimes they fight till to the death. It is illegal in most developed countries. Dog fighting is used for entertainment. And many generate revenue from stud fees, admission fees, and gambling.

10 Bizarre Animal Sports in the world elephant basketball

Elephant Basketball

Organizers at the animals care center say they undergo rigorous training in order to learn the basics rules of the Basketball game. The keepers being by teaching the Elephants basic ball control skills, and how to hold the ball in their trunk.

10 Bizarre Animal Sports in the world roller pigeon competition

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Roller Pigeon Competition

Roller Pigeon Competition are a domesticated breed of Pigeons that can roll, somersaulting backward in fast and tight rotations during the competition, the Birds are a judge on several factors, including their compact formation, simultaneous rolling, depth, and quality of the rolls.

10 Bizarre Animal Sports in the world camel wrestling

Camel Wrestling

The west coast of Turkey has a  habit of camel wrestling, which pits champion beasts from their villages against one another in a  Stadium. But it tends to be as comic is exciting, since Camels aren't natural born fighters.

10 Bizarre Animal Sports in the world cow fighting

Cow Fighting

Cow fighting is a traditional Swiss Event. Unlike Bullfighting, in which humans Bulls, Cow fighting pits Cow against Cow. Each fight can last up to 40 minutes. Similar events take place in Haute Savoie, France, in the Aosta Valley of Italy, and also in Artvin, Turkey.

10 Bizarre Animal Sports in the world ferret legging

Ferret Legging

The crazy Sport, called Ferret Legging, is a test of, patience or the ability to " have your tool bitten and not care." Competitors have two Ferrets placed in their pants, which are tied on the ankles and belted up at the waist, thereby eliminating at any point of escape for the furry creatures.The challengers then stand before judges, enduring the misery of the ferrets' Razor sharp claws and teeth.

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10 Bizarre Animal Sports in the world horse soccer

Horse Soccer

Horses enjoy playing Soccer alone or with their riders. A new type of Horse Soccer is played with a big ball such as the one above.Horses and riders made their teams and try to make soccer goals. The Horses, guided by their riders, kick or nudge the ball toward the team's goal.

10 Bizarre Animal Sports in the world elephant polo

Elephant Polo

Elephant Polo is a variant of Polo played whilst riding Elephants. It is played in Nepal, Sri Lanka, India(Rajasthan), and Thailand.

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  1. Thinking of how they do dog fighting made me sad :(

    1. yeah very sad and thanks for your comment


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