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10 Secrets About Google You Never knew Before

10 Secrets About Google You Never knew Before

The Google Homepage :

The Google homepage is so sparse because neither of the company founders knew how to use HTML so decided to keep its creation as simple as possible. In early tests, participants sat staring at the screen rather than using the site. When asked they were waiting, they responded that the page was so blank that they thought it hadn't finished loading. As a result, the Google copyright banner was added as an end marker. The founders now insist on a 28 word limit on the homepage.

Google Map Discoveries:

A mountainous rain forest in Mozambique was nicknamed the 'Google Forest' after being discovered by a biologist studying Google Earth satellite images. Though known by locals, Mount Mabbu was unrecorded by scientists until the 2005 digital discovery due to local violence and a lack of infrastructure. An expedition following the discovery found over a dozen previously unknown animal species. A 2,000-year-old Roman Villa and an ancient Dutch castle thought forever lost were also found thanks to Google technology.

Stange Side-Projects :

Known as Moonshot project, Google's side projects are described as living in the gray area between audacious and pure science fiction. Success stories include the self-driving car and Google Glass. Less lucrative was an attempt to create a hoverboard. Despite developing a tiny working version, scaling it up to a useable size would have been colossally expensive. Weirder still was the idea to create a space elevator connecting an earth-based station to an orbiting one. Development of a teleportation device was also considered.

Buying Google :

In 1997 tech company  Excite turned down an offer to buy Google for $750,000. Though co-founder Larry page pitched the sale by assuring Excite that their profits would be boosted by $47 million a year, the sale was abandoned. Excite's CEO believed that the speedy search engine would send people away from their homepage too quickly, to the detriment of ad revenue. Today Google is worth around $367.6 billion. they estimate that if they ever decided to allow adverts homepage space it would cost $10 million.

The Early Days :

Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Ph.D. students in their early 20s who initially loathed each other. Early names for the site included BackRub and the What Box. The latter was scrapped for sounding like Wet Box, which they thought sounded like porn.

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Google Doodles :

Page and Brin created the first Google Doodle in 1998, one week before officially became a company. Used as an out of office while they attended Burning Man Festival if featured the festival's stick figure logo behind the O. The first playable doodle launched in May 2010. Celebrating the 30th birthday of pac-Man, users collectively spent 4,82 million hours playing the retro game. It is estimated this globally equated to 4,819,352 hours of lost productivity- costing over $120 million.

Google Car :

In 2014 Google announced the development of the driver less car. With a top speed of 25mph and neither a steering wheel nor pedals, the car will simply have to go, stop, and emergency stop buttons. And just in case it does not passing pedestrians, the outer car is softly padded to ensure no major injury is done. The vehicles will use lasers and cameras to detect the view around the car which will be cross- referenced with Google Maps to ensure that it's heading in the right direction.

Google Is Breaking The Law :

They aren't just using the cars to take photos. In 2010 it was revealed that the company used the cars to hack and collect private data from WiFi networks. Information received included user's medical histories, sexual preferences, and marriage infidelities. 2 years later they were fined $22.5 million after breaking a 20 years agreement to tighten their privacy policy. They had secretly placed cookies, which tracked user activity. They paid a further $500 million for knowingly displaying ads for companies that illegally sold pharmaceuticals in the Us.

Google Controls The Internet :

As of 2014, Google owns 67% of the global market and is responsible for 90% of European searches.An anti-trust investigation was launched in April 2015 into an accusation of monopolization from 19 companies including Microsoft. Google was accused of unfairly pushing its own shopping, mapping, and flight service, by distorting web searches. Proving their dominance in the industry, when Google services went down in August 2013, web traffic plummeted by 40%.

Google Helps Solve Crimes :

Cops have used Google Earth to help located marijuana fields, meth labs, and even a kidnapped child, all entering GPS coordinates into the site. In 2010 Google helped expose a fraudulent Italian businessman. Suspicious that he'd lied about the value of a recent house sale, cops used Google Earth to find the property and assess its true value. Identified by its 'phallus-shaped' pool, it was found to be of a much higher worth triggering a major investigation.He was ultimately found to owe $9 million in back-taxes.

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