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Pakistani Drama Mujhe Jeenay Du Episode 8 Review

This episode of mujhe jeenay du was just a awesome Episode and  had some important trends to its credit and all over again mehreen raheal completely stole the show. she is beyond remarkable as shaheena; the way she carried herself and the manner wherein she gives you her dialogues is surprising, she actually deserves an award for her overall performance. gohar rasheed is also giving an awesome performance in this play although he is also gambling a function completely distinctive from the ones we've got visible him playing in other dramas. the author of this drama deserves tons of credit score for penning down characters which are not black and white. even as there are men like murad, mohammadu and saira’s father who can effortlessly be termed as stereotypes, there also are characters like that of naseeb and shaheena particularly which have lots to offer. 

Naseeb isn’t a horrific guy, however, he has a tendency to lose his temper on every occasion he gets frustrated and he treats saira like a punching bag in those conditions. as long as shaheena turned into around, he turned into satisfied and he was very kind to saira but as soon as shaheena left he manifestly blamed saira for it too and started out treating her the manner he becomes treating her before. also, naseeb is a manufactured from the gadget he grew up in. he is a great person at coronary heart but bushra’s loss, his incapacity to run the house or to appearance after his son made him do something which he knew was wrong but it appeared like a handy choice. the truth that he becomes pressurized into getting married to saira also suggests that universal he isn't the same as all of the different men around him. he additionally loved his spouse, not like murad and Muhammad who fail to see their wives as humans.

Although the divorce becomes rather surprising and quite surprising as properly but I appreciated the manner shaheena didn’t mourn over the “loss” much. yasmin became there to consolation her and to offer her a fact take a look at as properly. it's far high-quality looking these girls stand through one another although they have little or no manipulate over their personal lives. there may be a precise enchantment between shaheena and naseeb consequently I am thinking where this music will lead. mohammadu’s reaction changed into completely in line with his individual; instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he determined to educate his spouse a lesson by divorcing her! 

Mujhe Jeenay Du Episode 8 Review

There was a tremendous deal of focus on shabo in this episode. even though his father is doing the whole thing he can to make him glad however he feels that his father betrayed him and his mother, therefore, he unearths it hard to forgive him. shabo’s situation and his emotions are clean to connect to and the writer has additionally given this baby a definite persona. he does not get satisfied effortlessly and knows the difference between right and wrong – after all, he is yasmin’s son! saira and shabo additionally percentage a unique bond, one that is unbreakable. at this factor, it might be even higher if the tale selections up the pace and the viewers get to see how matters exchange as soon as a lot of these characters become old. emaan sher, the child famous person playing saira’s man or woman has been exceptional throughout, her confidence and natural portrayal is stunning.

The overall feel of this drama could be very actual, it manages to transport you to some other world and you may’t assist but sense for the characters. the preview of the following episode was very thrilling. i am ready to look how naseeb will react once he finds out that getting married to a minor is illegal. yasmin will also meet her husband’s 2nd spouse inside the next episode, it is actually tough to are expecting what flip these types of tracks will take within the next episode, however, i am ready to discover!

how lots of you observed this today's episode? do share your thinking about it.
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