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Aisi hai Tanhai Episode 1 & 2 Review - Boomspk

Aisi hai Tanhai Episode 1 & 2 Review

Aisi hai Tanhai Episode 1 & 2 Review


A girl is being taken in an ambulance, gasping for breath, in ache, with froth coming out of her mouth; the lady most in all likelihood is Pakeeza.  The tale then starts offevolved with a boy meets a lady in college, they're in love and the lady belongs to a circle of relatives that don't “love marriage.”  Sounds clichĂ©?  Nicely, there may be more to the story.  Sami Khan is playing hamza who's from a wealthy circle of relatives and is in love with Pakeeza who's performed by Sonya Hussain.  Pakeeza is a glad cross lucky lady, who any girl can perceive with, the form of a female around the corner.  

She has an older sister, Kinza, performed very well by Nadia khan who's making her re-debut after nearly a decade of appearing.  She turned into reputedly engaged once with the aid of her desire, and he fiancĂ© ditched her after four years, which did not settle well together with her mother Saba Hameed who's a widow and is consequently naturally involved about her daughters’ marriage, recognize and dignity.  then there may be “faculty buddies,” one in all whom is Ramsha who's a mutual pal of Hamza and pakeeza and is interested in Hamza regardless of being aware that Hamza has no such intentions.  this changed into the prelude to the tale.

The first two episodes of Aisi Hai Tanhai set the story for the approaching dramatic scenes.  The primary scene of the drama took my breath away.  it turned into the depth of the scene and the way it turned into a film that made it so actual that I felt for Pakeeza’s person right away.  My heart was beating fast while I anticipated the approaching scenes that have been shown in the promo.  I had a lump in my throat whilst hamza delivered pakeeza to the clinic and was waiting on her, concerned for her, and desired to see her just as soon as.  the love proven between Hamza and pakeeza turned into lovable, sensible and properly carried out by using each Sami Khan and Sonya Hussain.  It turned into fresh to look Hamza go to Pakeeza’s mom and clear his stance on their dating and made her understand that he is severe about marrying pakeeza.  it changed into very candy the way Hamza cited that he has never once attempted to take gain of Pakeeza because they've recognized every different.

This episode of Aisi hai Tanhai also made it obvious that a touch false impression among two human beings can create a substantial problem, from which now and again it is probably difficult to pop out.  it began with a classmate committing suicide that led to an issue about “consider problems” that prompted pakeeza to take the step of taking irrelevant snapshots of herself on her cellphone (i am assuming) and imparting to Hamza to “prove” that she trusts him.  that cellphone, due to a mishap, went into the palms of the wrong humans, and the snapshots will probable be uploaded on a social internet site for the whole world to see.

How Hamza ought to be wishing that he had never got into an issue with Pakeeza; that he had not been chronic about asking about whether or not she trusts him or not?  Wasn’t it evidence enough that she changed into with him for the remaining four years for Hamza?  That she covers her head whilst out of doors, comes from a conservative family, but hangs out with him on his bike without wondering who would possibly see her?  moves talk louder than phrases, and Pakeeza’s actions without a doubt showed that she entrusted herself with Hamza and did now not need some other validation.  if he had now not made a mountain out of a molehill, all of this will have never passed off.

Sami Khan has executed his role brilliantly and all of his scenes with Sonya have been perfect and lovable in addition!  this is my first serial of Sonya Hussain that I'm looking, and she changed into notable as properly.  Nadia Khan becomes top as well in her function because of the older sister, and Saba Hameed's overall performance because the mother involved about her daughters become appropriate and she introduced a vulnerability to her man or woman despite being “strict.”  Subsequent episodes will provide greater insight into hamza’s family and the stressful aftermath of pakeeza’s one mistake; and Amy coronary heart is beating manner too fast, for pakeeza’s sake!

So what you thnik about Aisi hai Tanhai  1 & 2 episodes ? Give your feedback in comment section.
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