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Bollywood Latest Movie Aksar 2 Review

Bollywood Latest Movie Aksar 2 Review

 Bollywood Movie Aksar 2 Review

The movie is a 'sequel' to the 2006 film of the same call. Sheena and Ricky are in this movie too, and so are the identical convoluted plot about cash, seduction, and murder. At the same time as that movie had a memorable tune, this one has nothing. It has useless twists and in the long run, you don't care, but chortle on the horrible fare at the screen.

In case you enter the theatre hoping to look at a possessive spouse, a husband who desires out of the marriage, a lover for rent, betrayal and especially song that makes the nonsensical plot profitable, then you will be unfortunately improper. there may be no Himesh making a song, 'Jhalak Dikhlaa Ja!' or kk belting out 'Soniye'. there's no Udita Goswami in her remarkable svelte avatar rising from the a la Bo Derek. No dialog like, 'Aise kya dekh rahe ho? AAJ toh Sirf barah din Huye Hain, Kal tumhare Pyaar ki Teravi hai.'

You will find rather the sleaziest kissing among Ricky (an expressionless Abhinav Shukla)and Sheena (Zarine Khan who distracts the audience from her dubious performing competencies via manner of carrying clothes and underthings as a minimum three sizes too small). you may find out disgraced cricketer Sreesanth in a function of a legal professional as if he had been robotic. He had more expressions when arguing on the cricket discipline. Gautam Rode who plays the funding banker, Patrick Sharma whose first audible conversation is, 'call me a pat.' He attempts so tough to be cool, you end up guffawing. and you surprise why he has tears-crammed eyes each time his lies are caught. in the lies is one greater individual, Bachan Singh, who wanders approximately the house doing not anything however is wearing a waistcoat. The weirdest element is that Bachchan Singh does not blink.

They're all making plans to kill Dolly Khambatta for her riches. but in case you saw the film you'd understand that they want to kill her for her ghastly wig. it is Lillette Dubey hamming it to the hilt in a grey wig leftover from a few gothic horror drama.

So Chunky Peanut butter keg, Sheena Roy, and Ricky are fans, plotting to get a foot in Dolly Khambatta's door. Pat the banker wants Sheena due to the fact he gets her the job as the old lady's governess. sreesanth the attorney is regularly discovered visiting the old girl. the antique girl plays the piano and signs and symptoms papers without searching. The creepy Bachchan Singh (Mohit madman) is in the kill the vintage woman and earn money plot. one by one character dies due to the fact all and sundry is making an attempt to double cross each different. of path Arijit Singh sings desultory commonplace songs that do not go away an impression at all. To the point, you recognize how chunky chick's bank balance got chunkier, the credit roll and we see chunky writhing in tropical sands somewhere. Yu depart due to the fact you may do with a proper meal.
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