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Baaghi Episode 17 Review – Twisting The Sachaai

Baaghi Episode 17 Review – Twisting The Sachaai

Baaghi Episode 17 Review

This changed into yet another episode of Baaghi which confirmed that Qandeel Baloch wasn’t seeking out the form of attention she was given after her Pakistan idol audition video went viral. there wasn’t loads of Rona dhona and becharapan on this episode which become superb but the way the prince captivating entered Kanwal's lifestyles changed into quite weird! the fascination with which Shehryar looked at Kanwal and his eagerness to assist her confirmed that he came from a completely extraordinary global! he is affluent, greater polished and obviously extraordinarily sensitive and being concerned because he surely felt for Kanwal at the same time as watching the Pakistan idol video and didn’t suppose two times before supporting her! this episode covered the overall sentiment of the general public after this video went viral and its impact on Kanwal Baloch. So far, the viewers have been shown that each time Kanwal receives terrible attention in preference to taking a lower back seat she reacts on social media and so far that is the most effective Bhagawat she has achieved! as opposed to staying quite, she posts motion pictures in which she expresses her feeling in her own weird way (which comes clearly to her) but only after crying over all of the feedback people surpassed on her already!

After her mother and father, husband, her first worker, the caretaker of the shelter domestic, the host of the fact display and the judges of the making a song audition, those folks who use social media are liable for Kanwal's movements. each time Kanwal reads bad feedback approximately herself on social media, she makes any other video – now not due to the fact she wants to get well-known but because she wants to express herself 😉 so essentially, the whole thing Kanwal has executed to date has simply given her repute despite the fact that she in no way planned to get famous on this manner! watching Kanwal fear about her circle of relatives seeing the video changed into the very last nail in the coffin! Kanwal’s character up to now is puzzling to mention the least! when Goher called her, she appreciated the truth that she was in a function to inform him off which recommended that she knew that these films and remarks had introduced her the fame she continually wanted. if Kanwal turned into proven making these motion pictures to coins in at the fame and interest she was getting, it'd have made plenty extra sense.

Baaghi Episode 17 Review – Twisting The Sachaai

Watching someone like Kanwal worrying approximately log kya Kahenge simply doesn’t add up! in case you watch Qandeel’s actual video, she Becomes crying because she said she had informed her dad and mom she turned into going for the audition and now they will be dissatisfied! it's miles funny how the actual statistics have been twisted to make Qndeel seem like someone who had clearly no guide from her family participants. Qandeel Baloch became a clever girl who knew a way to bag public’s attention and a way to make the maximum of it, however, Kanwal has been proven as a naive female who is getting interested even though she is not inquiring for it!

This episode of Baaghi also protected how Kanwal's father reacted when she sent the cash and the way the rest of the circle of relatives felt about it. abid’s business is likewise going downhill because of apparent motives so basically, everybody who didn’t assist Kanwal is in financial disaster for some purpose or the opposite. Shahryar is the first suitable guy on this drama and his first impression indicates that he may be a touch too properly like all the different characters in this drama which are black and white!

Kanwal’s story moved to the subsequent section of this episode, she is now popular and will start getting more gives. the preview of the following episode confirmed that the tables have turned and Goher will now get in contact with Kanwal all over again even after the way she told him off. The only cause why someone like Shehryar would fall for Kanwal is due to the fact he feels sorry for her! even after coming to this ways does Kanwal need a man to save her?
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