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Bigg Boss 11 2017 Episode 35 Review: Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra Shameless Affair In Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 11 2017 Episode 35 Review: Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra Shameless Affair In Bigg Boss House

The episode of Bigg boss 11 starts offevolved with Salman Khan interacting with Srimati which is quite pleasing. after that, we see a highlight of the entirety that has happened in this week on bigg boss eleven. the actor became seen selecting out an opportunity profession for each contestant in the residence in which he calls arshi khan a lady who can promote nighties and Shilpa a door-to-door saleswoman. he additionally addresses the peeing incident in this week’s captaincy task. we see hiten making it clean that he's going to now not pee on country wide tv and getting off the cycle which makes punish Sharma the captain of the house. the actor and host will also attempt to close Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta's feud.

sapna Choudhary puts forth a condition that she’ll simplest pay attention to punish if he makes bandage Kalra do the dishes for 3 days straight. salman then talks to the contestants and tells them that bigg boss has improved his level of endurance. he says he's grateful to bigg boss for that. he then asks Akash Dadlani to perform a track that he currently wrote. akash obliges and performs the track with Hina khan. he also mocks dhinchak pooja for her new song, afreen bewafa hai. (also study: bigg boss eleven: is Shilpa Shinde bullying Vikas Gupta? enthusiasts communicate up!)

he asks pooja to carry out to sing afreen bewafa hai and she does so. all the contestants are seen controlling their laughter. he then asks all the contestants to vote for the villain of the residence and everyone votes for Vikas. Salman takes a smash from them and we see shilpa announcing that she desires housemates to take hers and vikas’ name for captaincy. arshi compels them to take hers and Hiten's call. shilpa then keeps taking digs at vikas, who are consuming at the dinner table. and this is what takes place after that.

 Now that changed into in reality uncalled for. vikas cribs approximately Shilpa outside inside the garden region. he calls Shilpa an evil stepmother who doesn’t even allow him to eat. hina is questioning how tons vikas have to have tortured her that she is so no longer letting it go. sapna and Hina then decide to live out of it for the reason that they don’t realize the whole reality. salman comes lower back and praises Vikas for his persistence with Shilpa. he provides that he cannot even placed himself in Vikas’ shoes. vikas breaks down again.

salman says that something is occurring is manner an excessive amount of. the housemates then make it clear that Vikas is the villain of the residence best because he tried to get out of the house. vikas says that if he becomes no longer on countrywide tv, he would have tied Shilpa as much as attempt to speak to her about her hassle with him. shilpa tries to justify her feedback but Vikas clarifies that whatever befell in his private life was very traumatizing for him. shilpa then adds that she was disillusioned together with his performance.

salman then interferes and says that nobody wants to intrude between Shilpa-Vikas’ feud due to the fact no person is aware of who is inaccurate and proper. he asks them to now not use their private relationships to make the display approximately them. vikas then says that Shilpa needs to forestall making accusations that he made an MMS of her and threatened her with it. shilpa refuses to simply accept that she took Vikas’ call and contestants monitor that she in no way took his call.

he asks hina for her opinion and he or she blames both of them for all of the fights. salman says that they'll simply have to endure with every different. he asks Vikas to disregard Shilpa if she bothers him so much. after Salman leaves, the housemates divide into corporations and start bickering. salman comes back and says that there are contestants aside from Shilpa and Vikas inside the residence. salman then evaluates the posh price range mission with the contestants.

hina blames Shilpa for dropping the posh finances undertaking. she says that Shilpa have to in no way have depended on arshi and become stressed at some point of the undertaking. punish has been asked to call the top 5 rule-breakers of the residence. he names bandgi Kalra, benafsha soonawalla, hina khan, arshi khan and vikas gupta as the pinnacle 5 rule breakers in the residence. bandgi’s punishment is to empty a bucket of muck on herself. benafsha’s punishment is to drink sour-gourd  and fish oil juice. hina is requested to slap herself with a useless fish four times.

the contestants ought to go through all of the previous punishments, too. arshi is requested to put five clips on her face. vikas is asked to comb his enamel with mustard and soya. although he cribs approximately it the contestants deliver him times wherein he broke the maximum rules. the contestants mock him whilst he is making an attempt to finish all of the punishments. vikas obliges and puneesh keeps passing comments at him.

salman then comes back to speak about captaincy with them. arshi says that the most effective reason contestants want captaincy is for the immunity. they don’t care approximately the luxurious price range challenge or chores. sapna says that ben changed into now not the proper candidate for captaincy and come what may ben ended up with greater points. ben confesses that she is not afraid of nominations anymore. salman cuts her off and says that she need to be frightened of it.

when asked sapna says that despite the fact that everyone might vote for her to end up a captain, no one will guide her. she additionally adds that puneesh doesn’t deserve captaincy. salman says that sapna becomes a very taken care of and appropriate captain. bhai then scares everyone by means of pronouncing even 3 humans can get out of the residence.

afterward, priyank sharma asks bandgi to rub a few lotion on his lower back and she or he concurs. at night time, sapna and priyank are discussing bandgi’s sport plan whilst puneesh tells bandgi that he felt jealous whilst she rubbed lotion on his back. puneesh and bandgi afterward curl up beneath the sheets to cuddle up with each different. the 2 begin making out.
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