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Bigg Boss 11 2017 Episode 39 review ans updates: Sabyasachi Satapathy, Akash Dadlani and Bandgi Kalra get a Chance at captaincy

Bigg Boss 11 8th November 2017 Episode 39 Live updates: Sabyasachi Satapathy, Akash Dadlani and Bandgi Kalra get a shot at captaincy

The fights maintains inside the bigg boss house as the two companies that have been fashioned are still lashing out at every different like there's no day after today. akash dadlani tags luv tyagi and priyank sharma as hina khan’s pets. this something that doesn’t pass down well with luv at all, as he threatens to interrupt his face. puneesh and priyank, who were given right into a huge combat last night again fought, in which puneesh spat at priyank’s t-shirt.

amidst the fight, bigg boss publicizes the luxury price range project. the garden region has been transformed into area and a makeshift rocket has been placed there. puneesh is the supervisor of the project, while the contestants are astronauts. they must be within the rocket always. a contestant, who comes to a decision to depart the rocket receives an opportunity to be fight for the captaincy. however, once a contestant leaves, some amount from the prevailing prize of rs 50 lakh gets reduced.

the mission starts and after the first alarm, sabyasachi satapathy leaves the rocket. his envelope had the quantity of rs 70,000 and hence that a good deal has been deducted from the winning amount. after the second alarm jewelry, bandgi kalra leaves the rocket and her envelope had rs 1,seventy five,000 on it. akash, shilpa, arshi and mehjabi leave the rocket after the 0.33 alarm. because akash left the rocket first out of all 4 of them, he's going to get a shot at captaincy.

puneesh, who is suppose to be outdoor inside the garden region monitoring the undertaking, leaves and goes for a make out consultation with bandgi. this is when hina comes up with a plan and suggests benafsha soonawalla to go away the rocket so that she could go and pee. she leaves the rocket and attends to the character’s call. as puneesh is drowsing in the living area, they wake him up and request him to present them blankets. vikas asks him to get a black garbage bag in order that he should pee in it. and he does.

quickly one by one they all begin leaving the rocket. first priyank goes to take a piss. then hina steps out and pees within the lawn region as priyank and vikas cover her with the blanket. luv goes inside the residence to take something from the kitchen. sapna choudhary too is going in the house and inside the rest room to change her pants. hiten tejwani, who didn’t depart the rocket all this whilst also offers up and is going to attend to the character’s call, and takes the apple pie from the kitchen and springs back within the rocket. they all consuming it, while puneesh is in deep sleep, blind to what has happened.

the morning alarm earrings and contestants wake up to the track, pocket mein rocket from the film, rocket guy: salesman of the year. puneesh tells akash that vikas peed on countrywide television.

shilpa figures out that even as puneesh was drowsing, the contestants who had been there in the rocket left it as she noticed pee at the commode inside the lavatory.

some other alarm jewelry and benafsha leaves the rocket. her envelope had rs 10,000 on it. hiten is the subsequent one to depart and his envelope had the best quantity of rs 10 lakh.

bigg boss summons everyone inside the living region, even the contestants within the rocket. it's miles announced that in view that they all broke the rules of the venture, as a result they get no luxury price range venture and, and their winning prize additionally is going to 0. sabyasachi, akash and bandgi get the shot at captaincy.
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