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Bigg Boss 11 2nd November 2017 Episode 33 Written updates and review

Bigg Boss 11 2nd November 2017 Episode 33 Written updates and review

The contestants of  bigg boss 11 woke up with a song khalbali from the film, rang de basanti. the cracks that began acting in vikas gupta and priyank sharma’s friendship go deep, as they both get into an issue again. priyank tells vikas that he must no longer deliver him any recommendation. shilpa shinde too aspects with priyank and tells him that vikas cannot be every body’s pal. bigg boss asks the housemates to collect within the living region, and tells them that their performance inside the latest luxurious finances venture, bb cushion factory became commendable. bigg boss is just being sarcastic, as 12 from 14 housemates had no factors. additionally they didn’t manage to finish any consignment given with the aid of bigg boss. as a end result, they don’t get any luxury budget this week.

bigg boss proclaims that they have to pick out  worst performers of the assignment. quickly it reasons a havoc inside the residence as all of them get into argument. when priyank indicates shilpa as one of the the worst performers, she loses her cool and starts offevolved yelling at him. she calls vikas a master mind, and arshi concurs along with her. in the end they determine that it have to be vikas and mehjabi siddiqui to go to jail. luv tyagi being the captain of the residence is asked to choose another contestant to enroll in vikas and mehjabi, and he picks arshi bringing up that she created ruckus during his captaincy.

all 3 of them are locked within the jail. soon shilpa and akash dadlani begin instigating vikas as he's dozing the prison. he gets angry, and tries to break out from the prison. quickly bigg boss stops him and he comes back in jail. he keeps to request the makers to let him move.

he is likewise pissed with priyank that he couldn’t be his power at the display. he tells the digicam that priyank is worse than shilpa. bigg boss orders luv to open the gate of jail, and calls vikas in the confession room. he tells bigg boss that he wants to quit the show and bear the repercussions. he similarly tells him that he can’t live under one roof with shilpa, who continues to mock him and not directly accuses him of casting couch again after he comes out of the confession room.

bigg boss calls shilpa inside the confession room and asks her to now not make any personal comments on all people. she apologises and says that she will be able to not do that once more. even though she aplogises to vikas and tells him that she can no longer say something on that once more, but continues to instigate him. she brings him meals, however he refuses to eat.

vikas makes a decision to name each housemate out of doors the jail and stop the problem with shilpa as soon as and for all, as he narrates his side of the debate he had along with her out of doors. while the contestants pay attention to him peacefully, akash, who's near shilpa loses his cool and starts yelling at vikas for telling lies aboout her. that is whilst priyank also loses his mood and he receives as much as assault akash yet again. all the different housemates stop him. after matters loosen up a piece, vikas asks priyank to return to him, however he to begin with refuses to talk to him. he ultimately comes to him and vikas tells him that he can fight his own battles, and he doesn’t need to intervene in his fights again and again. priyank tells him that he isn't combating for him, however for all people as akash and shilpa had made every body’s lives depressing.
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