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Bigg Boss 11 Episode 38 Review And Updates- Hina Khan Is Dirtiest Character In Bigg Boss 11 Cheap Girl Hina Khan In Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 38 Review And Updates- Hina Khan Is Dirtiest Character In Bigg Boss 11 Cheap Girl Hina Khan In Bigg Boss House

Bigg boss eleven begins with bandgi kalra and puneesh sharma sharing a bed and going to sleep. akash dadlani comes and apologises to puneesh for something. it's miles morning and the contestants wake up to the chartbuster. hiten tejwani, shilpa shinde and akash Dadlani dance within the lawn. shilpa teases Vikas gupta. hina khan is discussing how bandgi and puneesh are getting comfortable each night. hiten states that how will they face their households again home. hina says that bandgi is totally infatuated by using him.

Bandgi discusses how benafsha soonawalla is dressing inappropriately. she says she has been cool with all of the jokes but is  elevating it up after four weeks. hina khan tells Luv Tyagi that Akash referred to as benafsha stinking. later, luv tells hina that bandgi is concentrated on benafsha. hina khan says it is unfair to peer how the women are ganging up against ben. sapna tells hina that that she has heard akash dadlani making feedback about ladies’ bodies. she additionally says that shilpa shinde is defending him. hina says all this could backfire. benafsha tells hina that she likes to sleep in unique clothes and does now not like boys lifting up her blanket just like that. closer to the afternoon, akash does some humorous antics and anyone laughs. he touches hina and he or she gets aggravated.

puneesh tells bandgi that he has long gone mad inside the residence. when she asks the motive, he says some thing in his ears. hina khan tells priyank sharma and benafsha how puneesh and bandgi have been drowsing at night. she hints that they could have taken their intimacy too a long way. she also suggests them the placement suggesting that the mattress changed into more high. arshi khan talks about how hot hiten is and vikas makes a laugh of her. arshi says her father might be scandalised seeing ll this. benafsha talks about where akash has kept his garments. shilpa says that she has lost it.

akash says she begs daily on a television display. he calls her loopy and stinking. she criticizes his upbringing. akash tells arshi that ben become banging the door while he was taking a leak. vikas says that shilpa is encouraging such behaviour. he further says that there may be no distinction among shilpa and ben. hina tells vikas to make ben remember the fact that what she is doing is wrong. priyank sharma says that akash become talking about ben’s non-public elements and it is incorrect. he says i might not have spared anybody who spoke to a woman like that. hina says that ben is embarassed. later, priyank makes ben take into account that she desires to fight. he said that hina and i have put humans of their vicinity.

bandgi tells puneesh that hina may be very insecure and too specific about clothes. he says that she is wearing all loose garments unlike them. puneesh asks hina why they are reacting so overdue to all that. he tells akash that hina has raked up the funny story of him calling ben flat display screen tv. vikas says this stuff need to be raised properly. priyank and akash have an argument in which the former tells him to apologise. benafsha says that she has clarified that she sleeps in nightie and has informed the men not to step on her mattress. arshi khan says that the actual villain of this season is hina.

vikas tells akash that he turned into wrong to make comments on ben’s body. arshi khan says she also makes comments on boy’s our bodies. mehjabi siddiqui tells humans to act as it is salman khan’s show. hina says that aksh makes terrible remarks about women. benafsha says that puneesh instructed her so but he denies. a huge fight breaks out among puneesh and priyank and the housemates separate them. akash and bandgi name ben a liar. anrgy ben tells akash that he can be kicked off. she pulls his hair and he complains to bigg boss. hina khan lashes out at akash dadlani announcing he's badly bred and needs a psychiatrist.

puneesh calls priyank a bhikari superstar. when the fight dies down, bandgi tells puneesh that he needs to behave. later, priyank tells hina that puneesh attacked him. bandgi tells him that she can not manipulate him. he weeps on her shoulders. shilpa tells arshi that ben showed her magnificence when she pulled his hair. hina khan says i cannot recognize how shilpa helps such behaviour. vikas says that humans are determined for pictures. akash calls priyank and luv, hina’s puppies. later, she tells akash now not to take her name. they have an issue where priyank-luv support hina. she scoffs him saying he's terrified of luv. hina warns akash no longer to come back near him.

bandgi tells puneesh that akash has help from arshi khan and shilpa. later, ben and hina taunt shilpa-arshi khan. luv tyagi tells shilpa that akash is speaking approximately her frame. hina factors out how salman khan insults akash each week. later, shilpa weeps within the washroom.
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