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Bigg Boss 11 Episode 41 Review and Live updates

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 41 Review and Live updates

Arshi khan continues to provoke luv Tyagi on bigg boss 11. luv cracked a funny story on Vikas Gupta, which he didn’t like at all. vikas then requested arshi, who had a fight with luv earlier in the day to make luv’s existence a residing hell. hina khan, Hiten tejwani, and benafsha soonawalla, who’re in the prison are hungry and they say that people in the residence are dropping time with the useful resource of preventing. priyank Sharma tells Vikas that what's he getting out of doing all this, and Vikas tells him that a person cannot make snicker at his price. puneesh Sharma attempts to have a conversation with luv and asks him why is he doing all of this, and he tells him that there is no recreation in any respect from his component.

hina khan tells priyank that Vikas is being a dictator, but that won’t paintings on her. alternatively, Vikas tells Sapna Choudhary that hina is being a hypocrite through blaming him for the failure of the project, but it becomes her idea to leave the rocket. he also tells Sapna that luv did a bad issue by way of observing arshi khan’s cleavage last night time and it was hina khan, who requested him to do that.

hina and benafsha, who are within the prison speak about priyank Sharma. hina feels that the friendship between benafsha and priyank is converting as even she feels that they're getting attracted to every different. benafsha told her that she had a boyfriend, but hina tells her that priyank’s behavior has totally changed for the cause that previous 4 to five days. benafsha keeps smiling and blushing.

arshi tells puneesh that Vikas is a higher person that hina. puneesh concurs to her. later, Akash Dadlani and luv are consuming at the dining desk and luv tells him that he doesn’t have a trouble with him. akash tells him that he's status up for the wrong people, and he tells him that he stood up for him whilst he needed to.

puneesh’s captaincy has come to an give up as bigg boss pronounces a new captaincy undertaking. as a part of this, Sapna might be a supervisor and the competition, Sabyasachi satapathy, Akash Dadlani and bandgi kalra will each have a nest, whilst the alternative housemates may have one massive egg every. the one, who has maximum eggs of their nest may be the subsequent captain. hiten, hina, and ben, who are inside the prison, could have one egg in all.

quickly all people start thinking of, greater like planning. shilpa gives her egg to Sabyasachi, which surprises Sapna as she concept that she will be able to deliver it to Akash, who's extra close to her. hina, hiten, priyank, and luv figure out that is their plan, and Vikas also is involved it as it should have been his concept to make Sabyasachi the next captain as Akash won't get the general public of votes besides. they all slowly deliver their eggs to Sabyasachi. hina and benafsha make a laugh of Akash that he couldn’t be the captain once more.

vikas and priyank once more get into an argument as Vikas takes all the credit score of creating Sabyasachi the next captain. priyank tells him that other human beings supported him too. priyank tells Vikas that he doesn’t agree with him and thinks he'll damage the eggs Sabyasachi has. sapna additionally receives pissed with Vikas and asks him to move away from Sabyasachi and pushes him a bit. quickly a controversy begins as Vikas feels targeted and thinks priyank is choosing up combat for no purpose.

bandgi feels horrific that no person gave her the eggs, but puneesh explains to her that she has to make sacrifices on occasion.

vikas tells shilpa about priyank’s behaviour. she name callings him pronouncing that even she felt terrible while human beings, whom she become close to didn’t arise with her, relating to the bhabi ji ghar par hain! controversy. vikas tells her that now he is familiar with her plight.

the task involves an give up and sabyasachi is announced to be the next captain. he receives a strength in which he has to free one of the three prisoners. he selects hiten.

hina receives pissed as bigg boss doesn’t relieve them from the prison for a totally long time. she says it’s unfair that they needed to spend see you later inside the jail as other human beings also wreck the guidelines. ultimately it's far announced that hina and ben’s punishment has come to an give up.

arshi and hina get into a combat after the previous spills a few water on her within the kitchen. hina doesn’t adore it one bit and lashes out at arshi, who keeps guffawing.
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