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Bigg Boss 11 Episode 48 Review & Live updates

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 48 Review & Live updates

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 48 Review

Bigg boss 11 noticed quite a few action remaining night time as Puneesh Sharma, Luv Tyagi, and Vikas Gupta became dinosaurs and wrecked havoc within the house. we also noticed a confrontation between Vikas Gupta and Luv Tyagi over knocking out the contestants. Sapna Chaudhary is likewise effective dissatisfied with all of us. Tonight we are able to see the combat for captaincy between Puneesh, bandage Kalra, and luv. We can also see a pool birthday party. here is the lowdown…

Benafsha and Priyank continue to confuse the target market by means of their love communicate as priyank tries his exceptional to play securely. Ben asks priyank why he spoke approximately having feelings for her. Bandgi and puneesh maintain their obviously apparent romance. priyank although first of all refuses to have said anything of that sort later says ben is his chipku dost. Later that nighttime ben tells priyank that Varun Sood (her actual boyfriend) pampers her plenty but priyank makes her experience even extra unique. she goes so far enough to mention that she can not stay without touching him. she asks him to no longer be scared and confess his love. morning brings us the other love birds ‘pungi’ locking themselves up within the restroom.Puneesh signals mischievously on the digicam as he steps out of the toilet.

The house wakes to Khalnayak track and Vikas mentions he is the Khalnayak of the house. Akash desires to take in the fight early sufficient and starts paintings on stressful Shilpa. Shilpa says she will be able to beat drums while Akash leaves. Vikas and Shilpa speak approximately how the residence made use of their fights and now are standing against them too. Vikas points out how hina is only who become against him getting in conjunction with Shilpa. Later although Shilpa tells Arshi that she is aware of about Vikas's games. she asks arshi to hold her away from Vikas. Hina maintains along with her tactics and Shilpa taunts her to get her toys alongside first. later that morning Sapna asks the women to entertain her and put on the swimsuits. She asks Hina and Bandgi to wear them and get within the pool. arshi name callings all of them that they're looking to entice her with a bikini. Arshi decides to put on a saree to the pool. the lads take their place beside the pool. hina is taken aback by the concept of arshi moving into the pool with a saree on. Puneesh and Akash get into the pool with the women. Priyank gives a statement for a pool race. Vikas receives into the pool too as arshi is still careworn about whether or not or no longer getting into.

Ben lures a totally hesitant Priyank into the pool though he resists. Arshi provides fire to the pool as she walks in with a purple saree and black blouse. Vikas joins her as hina cannot manipulate her laughter. Shilpa and Hiten are the only ones out as the complete house is in the pool. Shilpa asks them all to be satisfied. The loopy lot sing away their rap inside the pool. Ben and Priyank preserve their romance as Ben keeps her attempts to make a pritank talk out about their emotions for each other.

The next is the test for Captaincy because the 3 contenders are speculated to maintain the bowl with water for approximately hours and their supporters have to save them from losing off the water in it. Bandgi, Puneesh and Luv take the bowls as Akash is all set to create a huge hassle. Akash pushes puneesh’s bowl and Ben tries to push luv off at the same time as priyank attempts to forestall her. in his try to discuss things with hina he sits down on the bed. Hiten proclaims Bandgi the new captain. Hina and Sapna are extremely pissed at Ben for seeking to break Luv’s sport. priyank performs the double sport as he supports ben in non-public while he tells hina he'll now not get in between this.

A lot of agreement decide on Arshi and Shilpa as the weakest performers to be sent to jail.Akash wants to get within the prison and asks Bandgi to try this for him. Bandgi together with her energy names Akash and luv for the prison. Inside the jail, Akash attempts to break Shilpa with his taunts in useless even though. Vikas sits down speaking to them and Akash dares to tear people’s garments and shave off others’ eyebrows. Vikas warns that he would beat up Akash and thankfully go far from the residence.
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