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Bigg Boss 11 2017 Episode 51 review - Hina says that Priyank Sharma might be eliminate this week

Bigg Boss 11  2017 Episode 51 review - Hina says that Priyank Sharma might be eliminate this week

Bigg Boss 11  2017 Episode 51 review

Bigg Boss 11 housemates awaken on the song of "Mangta hai toh aa jaa". All the contestant's dance, except Priyank Sharma. He was crying for Benafsha Soonawalla’s go out from the house. hina khan comes and comforts him.

Inside the house, a small argument erupts between Arshi khan and Akash Dadlani. Arshi says that she will be able to make Akash use his protection guard. And says that Takla has come up to now at the display due to her and Shilpa Shinde. Contestants are given a brand new nomination task. There are four contestants in the safe area. There will be an alarm, and as soon as it rings one of those secure contestants have to switch their locations with a contestant from the secure quarter. Arshi Khan, Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta, Hiten Tejwani they are in the safe zone, and absolutely everyone else are in the unsafe sector. except Bandgi Kalra, because she is the captain this week. There's a huge war of words among the contestants from safe Zone.

After the first alarm, Vikas, Hiten, Arshi gang up in opposition to Hina Khan and throw her out. Hina picks Priyank to switch locations with. After that, Luv Tyagi, Sapna Chaudhary, and Hina khan discuss their plane. Luv says that Vikas can do something to turn everything. Hina convinces Luv to go into the safe zone in last. Sapna says that Hiten is doing the wrong issue. And that she is dropping respect for him. In the safe zone, Hiten tells his strategy. He says that now saving himself is up to himself and he’d do anything to do this. Priyank and Vikas have an argument within the residence. On the following alarm, Priyank is thrown out of the safe zone. he sends Sapna into the safe zone.

After the subsequent alarm, Hina Khan volunteers to head in the safe zone. Sapna is thrown out of the safe zone and he or she selections to head within the secure region. hina makes a brand new strategy to live in the safe zone.
Vikas consults Shilpa Shinde about who must be next one to go out the safe zone. On the following alarm, hina is sent out of the safe zone. She sends Priyank interior.

Priyank says that he'll ship Sapna to the safe zone. Vikas says, in that case, they will no longer send him out of the safe zone. That is due to the fact Vikas and Arshi suppose that Sapna will ship Luv interior at the next buzzer. Hina brings out Sapna from the kitchen, and whispers in her ear to now does not say Luv’s call in the front of them. Sapna guarantees that she will ship Hina to the safe zone when her flip comes. At the next buzzer, Priyank steps out and sends Sapna in the house. Vikas change the game then and says that now he's going to step out of doors and could send Hina Khan inner.

Hiten says that he believes Sapna that she will not save Luv but Hina Khan. So he convinces others to let Sapna step out. Vikas gives up and is of the same opinion to ship Sapna out.

Sapna steps out and begins rethinking her selection. She tells anybody that she might have promised Vikas that she will be able to send Hina in, but she has already promised luv that she will take this aspect. Arshi, Vikas, Hiten lash out at Sapna for breaking their promise. sapna sends luv to the secure area. Arshi and Shilpa have a good time that Sapna's real face has come out in open.

Bandgi scolds Sapna that she has to now not have made promises. A War begins between Bandgi and Sapna. sapna says that she isn't like her. Bandgi says she will not be like her. Sapna says that she can’t be like Bandgi, “ki gudad me padi rahe”. Akash tells Sapna that Shilpa is saying that she can show her ‘aukaat’. Sapna lashes out at Shilpa for this.

Hina, Sapna, Shilpa, Akash, Priyank, puneesh are nominated. Akash uses his safety Shield. Bandgi gets a special power to save any one contestant. she saves Puneesh. Hina, Sapna, Priyank and Shilpa are the final ones nominated.

Puneesh says to Hiten that he must start paying attention to Vikas. Hina and Sapna say that they're satisfied that they save Luv. Sapna says that it is both of them who will go out of the house. Hina says that she is frightened of Priyank. Sapna says that he will not exit. Hina says that he may because he is doing not anything inside the residence.

for the duration of any other communique with Puneesh and bandgi, hina has the same opinion that sapna might be exit this week. Shilpa and arshi speak sapna’s betrayal and her outburst.
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