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Bollywood Movie "Ajji" Review: Grandma’s Recipe For Revenge

Bollywood Movie "Ajji"  Review: Grandma’s Recipe For Revenge

Bollywood Movie "Ajji"  Review

Over the last couple of years, Bollywood has seen arise inside the trend of revenge stories revolving around rape (Maatr, Mom, Kaabil, Bhoomi et al) and whilst the films appealed to the hundreds because of its star forged or the dramatic way in which the protagonist avenges the rape of a cherished one, I will confidently say that none of them comes even close to Debashish Makhija's Ajji (‘Grandmother’ in Marathi).

Set in the dingy slums of Mumbai, ‘Aajji’ revolves around a Grandmother (Sushma Deshpande), who discovers the subconscious body of her granddaughter Manda (Sharvani Suryavanshi) close to an open gutter in her slum. Manda has been raped by neighborhood builder-goon Dhawle and whilst the local cop coerces the own family into forgetting the outrage due to the fact Dhawle is simply too massive a fish to be caught in a net, Ajji decides to take matters in her personal hand and the way she manages to try this, forms the rest of the plot.

Without any exception, each Bollywood heros within the movie has performed awesomely-from the stoic Ajji to the deceptively sympathetic cop to the supremely menacing Dhawle (one of the most spine-chilling villains I have" ever seen at the silver screen) and it's miles natural pleasure to observe those actors give full justice to the roles they are allotted. As for the movie, not like the Bollywood revenge flicks stated in advance, Ajji is sort of a vicious punch to the solar plexus. Proper from the first frame, where Ajji is seen trying to find Manda in the slender and grimy lanes of the slum they stay into the way the local cop interrogates the family after the rape to the way Ajji is going about preparing herself for vengeance, the film makes you wince uncomfortably. There's a sense of despair and hopelessness in each frame that seeps into your thoughts because the plot progresses. 

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Bollywood Movie "Ajji"  Review: Grandma’s Recipe For Revenge

The special point must be mentioned of the scene in which Dhawle justifies the rape to the local cop when the latter pesters him for details- the scene will make you grind your teeth in helpless rage and this is wherein the film triumphs.

Ajji is dark, brutal, cynical and demanding. The cinematographer deserves a pat at the returned for highlighting the dark and dingy underbelly of Mumbai- the claustrophobic slums, the open gutters, the sinister production website with a flickering tube light will make you need to step out inside the open and breathe in some clean air-such is the impact of the camerawork. In case you watch films for enjoyment, I might recommend which you stay far from ‘Ajji’ because the movie will make you uncomfortable. Revenge dramas are designed to make you root for the good guy and get pleasure from the vengeance exacted with the aid of the protagonist on the antagonist, but ‘Ajji’ does not anything of the type.
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