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DC's Legends of Tomorrow - "Helen Hunt" Review

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - "Helen Hunt" Review

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - "Helen Hunt" Review

One of the superb things about Legends of Tomorrow: season 3 is that the show in no way simply settles for doing “random ancient subject ride of the week” episodes anymore. the whole thing contributes to the larger narrative in some manner or every other. There’s always room for a touch individual growth amid all the wacky shenanigans. “Helen hunt” may not have combined those disparate elements pretty as well as some episodes (remaining week’s go back of the mack,” for example), however, it still served as some other memorable romp for the crew.

That is one of those cases wherein you pretty lots need to love the episode based on its identify on my own. it’s clever, however also very appropriate. the premise additionally allowed the writers to paintings Helen of Troy (ache & benefit’s bar paly) into the combination in a becoming manner without necessitating the expense of recreating historical Greece. Miss of troy fit very clearly into the old-college Hollywood placing and the gadget of warring studios that weren’t so distinctive from greek metropolis-states on the cease of the day. Early on, it turned into enough virtually to soak inside the attractions and get pleasure from the display’s birthday celebration of that long-gone technology. Factors like the old school title card and the cameos with the aid of diverse actual-lifestyles Hollywood gamers (together with Andy Robinson's Cecil b. DeMille and Celia Massingham's Hedy Lamarr) introduced to the laugh.

Again, if the writers had simply rested on the one's laurels, the fun in all likelihood would have worn off after some time. Happily, Damien dark and his merry band of miscreants had been on hand to spice up the conflict. I was pleased to peer the two darks go back so soon after their massive debut closing week, and with Kuasa in tow, no less. We didn’t learn an extremely good deal approximately what malus has in savings, but we did learn one key element - that the chaos resulting from those anachronisms is precisely what malus wants. and with that, we have a clearer thru-line from right here to the climax of the season.

This episode benefited from both the revival of the Sara/Damien feud and the deepening war between Amaya and her granddaughter. I'm now not 100% bought on all this totem commercial enterprise (nor am I entirely satisfied that zari changed into a vital addition to the mixture this season), and that is likely why this episode failed to paintings pretty as properly for me as some. Nonetheless, that non-public, familial connection among those characters is already paying off properly. it’s been very cool to see the display build on the vixen web series in this type of direct and extensive way.

 DC's Legends of Tomorrow - "Helen Hunt" Photos

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - "Helen Hunt" Review

Ten there has been this episode’s goofy firestorm storyline. each Franz Drameh and Victor Garber did an outstanding task switching components and making the maximum out of this silly plot twist. and more regularly than not, the diverse different characters’ reactions to the body swap had been a laugh because of the change itself. I've said it before, however, this season is doing a wonderful activity of easing stein out of the photo gracefully whilst concurrently giving Garber a variety of terrific material to paintings with. Plus, it simplest seems becoming that we were given to look stein expect the shape of the firestorm for an alternate. allowing the stein-led firestorm be the hero of the day no longer most effective served as a wonderful second for the man or woman in the twilight of his superhero profession, it additionally subtly reminded us how lots his departure will weaken the legends. unless ray can find a way to turn Jax into an all-in-one nuclear man, the group is set to lose its biggest gun in the fight towards malus.

The body switch also moved in a fairly poignant direction as stein discovered his hidden weigh down on Lamarr and seized the possibility to sooner or later meet her inside the flesh (even if it wasn’t his flesh). The script wound up making wonderful use of Lamarr's dual career as an actor and inventor, the use of her as the muse for the firestorm to become entire once more.

That speaks to a bigger topic this week. This episode changed into virtually all approximately celebrating the sturdy female characters that form the spine of the legends and the arrowverse in trendy. It was a pleasing touch seeing Helen so stimulated by using women like Sara and Amaya and taking comfort in the know-how that the arena received usually be so dominated via guys. thinking about the allegations that have surfaced against Supergirl/the flash producer Andrew Kreisberg in current days, this actually could not have come at a higher time.

I'd be remiss if I didn’t factor out that first-rate Themyscira cameo at the end. I sincerely by no means anticipated the arrowverse to reference wonder female’s corner of the dc universe that at once. I wasn’t even sure if the Amazons were purported to exist on this particular earth. That cameo made for a fitting stop to Helen's whirlwind adventure and left the door open for greater amazonian fun if the possibility needs to ever stand up.
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