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Hollywood Movie " Thelma " Review

Hollywood Movie " Thelma "  Review

Flow over Carrie! step aside matilda! there’s a brand new movie approximately a younger lady handling oppression and repression via the usage of psychic powers. her name is Thelma and he or she’s more effective than each of you put together. it’s simply too awful her movie isn’t as suitable.

Eili Harbor stars as Thelma, a young Christian woman attending college, far from her family for the first actual time. she’s all on my own, and he or she can’t stop gazing the human beings around her, wondering why they've pals and she or he doesn’t. then she sees Anja (okay kaya) for the first actual time. then a chicken flies into the window. then Thelma has an uncontrollable seizure.

thelma, the individual, has dreams, but her Christian upbringing won’t permit her to indulge them. she wants to drink and smoke pot, however, she will be able to. she wants to have a love affair with Anja, however, she will be able to’t reconcile those desires with her upbringing. it is able to be the begin of a stable, albeit familiar delusion/horror parable about oppression if Thelma, the movie, went any deeper than that.

thelma has the strength to change the arena around her. her abilities expand some distance past shifting items along with her mind. she will affect the minds of other subconsciously, and deform fact itself to fulfill her whims. thelma doesn’t have any control over these powers because she doesn’t know she has them, so she maintains the use of them to suppress her authentic feelings, making as a minimum one frightening preference based totally on what she thinks she’s alleged to want, now not what she definitely does.

but as soon as the metaphor of a younger girl who could be something she needs if she overcomes her upbringing is introduced, Thelma, the movie, stalls out. it’s an attractively shot and well-acted movie but new factors aren’t introduced and new layers aren’t discovered. it’s the concept for a film written in letters so massive they technically fill a feature-duration screenplay, however no longer in a satisfying way.

stories like Thelma are, pretty by definition, stories of repressed passion. thelma is torturing herself and, by using an extension, others, because she desires something so badly her brain is lashing out for it towards her manipulate. and yet director Joaquim trier’s bloodless measured approached to the storytelling makes Thelma, the film, appear mathematical and perfunctory. all that energy Thelma is storing up has to head someplace but he we could it vent during the film as opposed to constructing up steam and letting the kettle boil and boil till it unleashes a convincing observe.

which could be first-rate if the opportunity becomes equally interesting, however via retaining Thelma's feelings muted, even if they’re alleged to come out, trier manages to make a movie about a passion that feels nearly completely indifferent, proper to the stop.
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