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O Rangreza Episode 17 Review – An Awesome One!

O Rangreza Episode 17 Review – An Awesome One!

O Rangreza Episode 17 Review 

Okay so, i will be completely honest, after weeks, this episode worked for me & just when i was wondering what changed that every one of an unexpected I felt this episode changed into robust as the initial episodes of this drama, I got reminded around 30 minute mark whilst tipu showed up, that is after I understood that simply due to the fact he becomes lacking from the important chew of the episode, it was running for me. Oh, I do wish the writer had disregarded tipu’s character due to the fact it might’ve changed the whole thing!

I loved almost all of the conversations that took place within the first 1/2 of the episode. Leena's reminder to Saasi that she is simply trying to chase a picture, a deception become spot on. sassi really wishes to know higher, that too when she herself has had a firsthand revel in with Sonia Jahan & she has visible how tousled Sonia’s existence is & more so, how she has ruined Khayyam’s lifestyles too but sadly, she is not able to take into account that right now. For the first time I felt that with all this exposure & the freedom to make her own selections, Sassi is on a course of self-discovery & due to that she is now seeing matters in a different way as well. I say this because the extra Sassi is attending to interact with Wajih & getting dissed via him, the greater she is developing compassionate towards Mumtaz. It is like Sassi now is familiar with what Mumtaz need to be going via upon getting refrained from away with the aid of the person she has committed her entire existence to. this is why now that whenever Sassi looks at Mumtaz & speaks to her, she has this kindness due to the fact she has started out seeing Mumtaz as a victim!

The thing I discovered interesting changed into how Khayyam & Sassi were on a comparable tune, which went to show that the author’s thoughts become running in a similar way for each those characters. khayyam, after you have a danger to be with Sonia, become now feeling responsible because of Mumtaz, in addition, once you have interest from Wajih, Sassi immediately felt as if she changed into wronging Qasim, hence, the query in which she asked him if she turned into being unfair to him or not. I haven't any hopes for Qasim & something about him doesn’t interest me. it’s like Qasim has emerged as Sassi's spot boy & fortunately so, therefore there’s not anything that offers me desire that he'll take charge of the situation, shake Sassi & try to make her realize that she is losing the plot!

Mumtaz & Khayyam’s communication become thrilling too, however, i suppose something greater desires to occur – greater than Mumtaz's one-liners which have a brief term have an effect on Khayyam due to the fact he now seems twin minded but nevertheless continues to satisfy Sonia, even after telling her that he won’t see her again!

The complete scenario of Sassi seeking to grow to be an actor isn't always sparking any interest in any way, because sure, it's far obvious that it's miles her dream & she is chasing after that but I don’t see the cause of it.

Nicely, as typical, tipu’s double standards surfaced another time in which he had no troubles sending his girlfriend to the movies along with his pal but couldn’t tolerate the fact that Sassi wasn’t domestic beyond an appropriate time. again, I don’t see the reason for the lack of inclusion of this individual due to the fact Khayyam become quite a strong & out-there individual portraying the double requirements of men. like I stated before, I'm able to say that once more, the individual of tipu is virtually unnecessary & I see him as only a filler that has been pressured upon the viewers.

average, this episode changed into genuinely proper due to the conversations & absence of tipu for the most a part of it. I loved Sajjal Ali in this episode, she looked sincerely fabulous & I loved her appearing too. 

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