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Pakistani Drama Serial O Rangreza Episode 18 Review – Boomspk

Pakistani Drama Serial O Rangreza Episode 18 Review – Boomspk

O Rangreza Episode 18 Review

Okay so, after a successful previous episode, this week’s episode turned into a miss & I'm sure by now everyone is well aware of the cause. Sure, it was bcoz of Tipu got so much of coverage that I literally struggled to take a seat thru this episode, a lot so that I finished watching it in four installments!

Properly, it became desirable to see Mumtaz standing up for herself but the end result was as expected. Khayyam blamed her for defective upbringing, packed his luggage & went to Sonia only to remember the breakfast Mumtaz used to make for him & the difficult time he gave her for it now not being ‘ideal’. The simplest suitable element, in this case, is that Khayyam has slowly & steady started out understanding Mumtaz's worth & this is why he isn't as obsessed with his relationship with Sonia as he was!

For the first time, I got angry by using Sassi, now not because she is chasing her goals or is standing up for herself but because she was now sounding all philosophical which was so in contrast to her. Cassi was never deep or an intellect, she was unfiltered & simple, so to see her muttering at the same time as being misplaced in her thoughts become pretty worrying. She is now getting to do what she needs so why is she getting so tormented by the restrictions Tipu is putting on her? as though she goes to pay heed to him!

Finally, Qasim showed the signs that might make Sassi fall for him because he now not took a stand for her but protected her as nicely. Even Sassi knows that she needs the kind of support Qasim extends in the direction of her but that’s all she desires & nothing else.

So, Meena has now become Tipu’s captive, this complete situation is not most effective ridiculous but sincerely useless. Great, we get it, the author is showing Sassi as a female version of a strong man & he's showing double standards of men too but then are we able to move on? There’s no factor in screaming the point because the point has been made! I swear I don’t assume in the past any actor has irritated me as a great deal as Hamza Firdous, seriously it is hard to have a look at him! I now feel the story goes around in circles, like Khayyam packing his luggage & leaving? Didn’t this take place earlier than? & but he was on the same page after such a lot of episodes? Talk about being monotonous! anyhow, please share your thoughts about this episode of O Rangreza.
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