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The Walking Dead: "Some Guy" Review

The Walking Dead: "Some Guy" Review

The Walking Dead: "Some Guy" Review

In walking Dead useless's strongest bankruptcy of season eight up to now (although it wasn't without flaws), Ezekiel's weeks of boasting and bravery caught up with him in the worst way when 95% of his squad (shop for 2 characters we truly knew and appreciated) were given mowed down at the palms of some saviors with m2 .50 caliber system weapons.

It was the largest setback of rick's attack plan to date and honestly the largest second for Ezekiel up to now, as a character. you may have known something like this changed into coming if you'd examine the comics (though now not for positive, because the display doesn't usually adapt everything) or you may have simply seen it coming due to the fact Ezekiel, basically, has been bold doom to rain down on him and his entire team for the reason that season highest quality. all his smiling, bragging, quoting of Henry v, and proclamations that no one in his group would die could best honestly cause a bad end. so it changed into smooth sufficient to telegraph. nevertheless, Ezekiel dropping his entire navy of professional warriors, who'd positioned their unwavering religion in him, changed into rattling effective - even though it involved dropping a whole lot of characters we failed to know or grieve over.

The sheer extent of useless that surrounded Ezekiel were given the point across. here, unlike other instances on the show, we failed to ought to recognize everyone consistent with use. Greater devastating turned into the fact that Ezekiel's entire "king" act prolonged to every person's loyalty. they might die for him, and gladly. they could throw themselves in the front of bullets to keep their king. Ezekiel medieval fair charade, that became a pleasantly shared myth for the kingdom, created a device where he was to be included like a precious, exalted chief.

Sadly, that bond, that settlement, additionally extended to Shiva. now, there's sincerely something to be said for the fact that many fans, along with myself, are devastated approximately the loss of Shiva more than most real humans that die in this display. firstly, most people on the series are rubbish human beings (consisting of the real those who stay among rubbish), however then, secondly, even those who have names (that we may not understand) are dealt with like walker fodder. it's very clean to get extra connected to an animal on this show than a person. consider Tabitha?

 The Walking Dead: "Some Guy" Pics :

The Walking Dead: "Some Guy" Review

It truly is actually a series flaw it truly is sort of remained a strong fashionable over the past few seasons. The display even had a risk to make us care approximately someone again after they added morales again. I am now not announcing he ought to have lasted long, however they definitely ought to have milked his beyond with rick greater. as a substitute he got dropped nearly at once and...nicely, right here we're mourning for a CG tiger. in fact, I did marvel if shiva's fate becomes sealed lower back when the digicam hung on her face for, I don't know, a good 10 to 15 seconds on the start of the show. The faster you may show us a digital tiger, the higher. it's now not surely made for extended, near up pictures, so there has been sincerely a cause for the lingering early on.

Shiva dying, in yet any other sacrifice to save Ezekiel, changed into the crown jewel of "a few man." The king changed into already reeling from all the people who'd fallen (and then were reborn as walkers, making him take them out again) in his call, but now his beloved puppy-scale back-mystery weapon changed into gone. and together with her, the very last piece of his artifice. shiva changed into a large a part of Ezekiel's "huzzah!" mystique. In conjunction with being a dear pal, she changed into a crucial accessory - a part of his packaging, lending to his usual "regalness." It's a bit on the nostril, but Shiva falling changed into actually the first-rate manner to disintegrate and humble Ezekiel. It is even sadder when you realize that, over the whole lot else, he turned into imagined to be her caretaker, no longer the other way round.

It’s no longer that Ezekiel needed to come crashing down. he did now not deserve it, although he may additionally have signaled it given his blustering. It's now not like he didn't apprehend the true risks of the arena. He had a ruse going, but anyone there knew that this was a severe deal. He just wasn't organized to lose this harshly. Maximum everybody else, within the different branches of the attack, knew what it became to want to enjoy devastation, but Ezekiel had a type of being shielded from it for a protracted while.

Anyhow, this tragic flip made for a compelling bankruptcy, as did Rick and Daryl's rollicking street chase to nab the weapons - along with rick's Indian Jones-style leap out of his hold and into the truck. the display's never without a doubt been constant with rick's competence on the subject of preventing (from time to time he dominates, different times he confoundingly gets his ass kicked), however, this becomes a fun action scene. maybe it would have been higher if the guns got away, due to the fact it might upload to Ezekiel's shame and positioned a higher exclamation point on carol's preference to allow the saviors getaway in lieu of saving her buddies, but I dig rick and Daryl as a kickass action duo.

The Walking Dead: "Some Guy" Pics:

The Walking Dead: "Some Guy" Review

Now right here's in which the episode faltered. The savior dude, with the David Koresh fashion glasses and the mullet, who tormented Ezekiel for a great ten mins became a total drag. now not simplest did he no longer appearance, or experience, like an actual human, however, he simply saved announcing matters out loud that ought to have been left to us to absorb and understand. the tragedy, the sacrifice. taking Ezekiel down a few hundred pegs. It became all so ham-fisted. this guy, essentially, got here out of nowhere to become this honestly abnormal critical individual.

We would by no means met him before and he gave the look of a person in a "stand up." like, needless glasses, wig, and a hokey accessory. for a second, I wondered if it changed into a person well-known in the hide. A person who changed into going to brilliant lengths to no longer appear to themselves. As in, later we'll say "oh my god, that turned into Nicole Kidman?" He reminded me of ross lynch in the new Jeffrey Dahmer movie that's out. As of this point, I do not know who it turned into. the actor's no longer within the starting or quits credit. if I analyze who it's miles after I submit this, I'll replace.

Not anything came of this man or woman either. It becomes just this weird one-off interlude in which, all of a surprise, we have been anticipated to put money into some cartoonish evil-doer we'd by no means met before. It turned into all very distracting and a part of the episode's try to take a 20-minute tale and drag it out for forty-five mins. carol's stealth assignment and eventual shootout with the saviors become additionally part of this drag - as have been the useless, at this point in the season, flashbacks.

You imply to tell me that Ezekiel gave the "and yet I smile" speech earlier than any of them even left to go off and fight? The speech we heard returned in "the damned" became his second time saying it? Did Carol need to listen to it two times? the speech that sooner or later made her smile (that is a large deal for her in recent times) is one she'd already heard, like, an hour in advance? what an unusual choice.
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