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Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua Episode 19 Review – Bahut Allaw Performances

Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua Episode 19 Review – Bahut Allaw Performances

Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua Episode 19 Review  

This episode of  Tau Dill Ka Kya Hua had some essential traits to its credit. even though the pace of this drama is slow but like many different dramas written with the aid of  Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar the screenplay and the characterizations hold your hobby alive. The fact that the director Shahid Shafat has accomplished this script brilliantly right from the get-go offers it an edge. Each episode unveils something new approximately the characters and on the identical time leaves some form of a thriller. in contrast to many other dramas in recent times which trap the visitors with some fast-paced episodes in the opening weeks and have in reality not anything to offer after thirteen weeks or so, this drama has constantly been heading in the right direction and there have been hardly ever any filler episodes. In each episode the story moves forward, there has been continuous character development and for the maximum component, it has been unpredictable as well.

All the characters within the play have precise personality developments and a number of them share an emotional bond which has been appealing proper from the primary episode. Faris and Siraj uncle’s courting proper now is holding my interest more than some other. but, tipu is the maximum exciting character within the play proper now. Faris’ love for Zoya and Zoya's feelings for faris even though are difficult to connect with at this factor, however, i am happy that faris has, in the end, moved on and he admitted that he likes/loves Zoya. 

One of the reasons for this is that Noor Khan’s portrayal of Zoya has been pretty common consequently you will not help but surprise why a person like Faris could fall for someone like Zoya and not a person like Darya or maybe Lubna. Zoya has to be the least attractive of all of the main ladies on this drama up to now, therefore, I'm ready to find out why faris fell for her. it's far however pretty clean now that he is by no means going returned to Maya which basically goes to show that Maya made yet some other impulsive selection which she will be able to remorse later on. Ayeza Khan and Sami khan had been faultless for the duration of; their portrayals had been photograph ideal and their performances award-worth.

 Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua Episode 19 Review 

Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua Episode 19 Review – Bahut Allaw

I've to mention that right now Siraj uncle and tipu are the stars of the drama Tu Dill Ka Kiya Hua. For the reason, that final week or so especially, these two actors have nailed their roles absolutely and their characters have become extra interesting with each passing episode. Imran Ashraf's frame language, expressions, and talk shipping had been great at some point of nowadays despite the fact that his scenes had been quite stressful. one of the Tipu’s dialogues tonight suggested that he turned into referring to Maya because the snake and he became assisting Zoya to climb the ladder via trapping the “snake”. 

All of these conversations have been filled with exclusive feelings and they have been deep and meaningful. zoya’s reactions and dialogues were thrilling but Noor Khan's acting wasn’t up to speed. Rehan Sheikh is considered one of my favorite actors and it's miles a treat looking him play this role. I am hoping that we will discover greater approximately Siraj uncle’s heritage and his relationship with Saif sooner or later too.

Saif and Maya's scenes collectively made me hate saif’s person even more. Zahid Ahmed's performing in this episode, however, was lots higher than the last few episodes. Lubna’s communication with Maya changed into one of the best conversations on this episode now not most effective due to the way she told Maya off but additionally because she overtly told her that she changed into by no means going to fall in love with faris. additionally, this scene turned into directed brilliantly due to the fact faris’ response become also proven.

I am satisfied Maya's father will ultimately make an look at the next episode of Tu Dill Ka Kiya Hua due to the fact so much has occurred and the viewers have now not been shown how he feels about everything. the preview of the following episode turned into certainly enticing, it promised a few new surprises and I am ready to peer what these surprises might be.

So What You Think about this episode of Tu Dill Ka Kya howa , share your toughs in comments.
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